Modified Lamborghini | Luxury Car Interior Decoration

Modified Lamborghini | Luxury Car Interior Decoration

Speak of the most exotic cars in the market today and the Lamborghini will definitely be one of the first cars to come to your mind. Equipped with an extremely capable powertrain, the Lamborghini not only delivers blisteringly fast performance but in addition to also offers an extremely premium and enriching experience to the owners. The owners of the Lamborghini cars are no different and are known to have a rich taste in cars and love to find themselves in supreme luxury and exclusivity. While most of these cars have a long list of customizations that can be done directly from the factory, a number of other modifications are done by the owners to make their cars more special and to make them suit their personal lifestyle. For those who are looking to get premium car interior modifications, Auto Trade Interior Solutions is the perfect place as we not only specialize in car interior modifications but in addition to this, also have rich experience in the aviation industry as well. Having said this, here is a modified Lamborghini with customized interiors that have made the car even more special and premium. 

For starters, this yellow-colored Lamborghini gets a similar color theme on the inside with rich yellow-black interior work. Starting with the dashboard first, the car gets a high-quality yellow finish on the lower half of the dashboard. A similar finish has been carried to the center console which now gets a yellow-black combination that feels very sporty and falls in line with the character of the car. The sides of the center console get black leather that feels extremely nice to touch. The top of the dashboard gets a premium leather wrap with yellow stitching. Needless to say, the fit and finish levels remain supreme and the quality of the work will definitely leave you and your passengers highly impressed. The steering wheel too gets a black wrap with a factory-level finish and yellow contrast stitching to break the monotony. The new leather wrap not only feels very premium but will also improve the overall feel of the steering wheel.

Moving on, this modified Lamborghini also features custom interior work on the door pads with a similar yellow-black theme being carried on. The top of the door panels gets soft-to-touch leather while the premium leather finds its place in the center. The door handles too are finished in the shade of bright yellow along with the armrests. The leather gets diamond stitching that looks premium and uplifts the ambiance of the cabin. The fit and finish levels are great and the stitching too is uniform, all thanks to the imported stitching machines that the team at Auto Trade Interior Solutions use. 

The stock OEM sports seats offered along with the Lamborghini look great but do not score high in terms of overall comfort. Hence to improve the comfort levels, specially customized seat covers have been installed in the car. These seat covers are installed only after making custom changes to the seats. These changes include improved lumbar support, better under-thigh support and increased side bolstering. All this combined makes the seats extremely comfortable, even for long-hour journeys. The seat covers gets a premium yellow-black combination. The main highlight of this premium interior modification has to be the high levels of quality and supreme fit and finish levels. We at Auto Trade Interior Solutions only use high-quality leather that has been specifically imported from selected manufacturers around the world. Likewise, the machines and other equipment that we use to match the industry-leading standards; hence helping us deliver high-quality interior modification work. This modified Lamborghini is a live example of the work quality offered by Auto trade Interior Solutions. 

Moreover, many other interior modifications services are also on offer for modified Lamborghini cars. To start with, the owners can get premium roof liner installed along with Rolls-Rolls type star lights. A number of other customized car interior modifications options include installation of ambient lights, individual entertainment screens, etc. With a rich experience, a skilled work force, and advanced equipment, we at Auto Trade Interior Solutions promise to deliver the best car modification services.

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