About Us

About US

AutoTrade is one of the leading interior designing companies in India. In 1990, Mr. Kishan Paswan founded it, and it complies with the conditions prescribed in chapter V of the Finance Act, 1994. AutoTrade is an ISO 9001: 2015 certified organization. This certificate specified the quality standard and laid down rules according to which operations need to be done.

AutoTrade has two segments

1. AutoTrade Interior Solution ( Particularly for Car and Buses)

2. Autotrade Aviation Private Limited. ( For Aircraft)



AAPL is one of the leading business and corporate Aviation organizations in India. It owns the approval of the Directorate General of Civil Aviation. In 2016, private entrepreneurs acquired it with a vision to make AutoTrade Aviation Private Limited a global leader.

AutoTrade provides future-proof technology to assure clientele of cost-effective maintenance and upgrades paths. We offer a wide range of high-quality custom designs to commercial airlines by designing, engineering and manufacturing products of superior quality.AAPL hires some of the world’s most respected experts in designing, engineering, and manufacturing aircraft interior products.As with any world-class manufacturer, AAPL focuses heavily on its quality, artistry, fast turnaround times, and safety.We always remain committed to learning and continuously exploring opportunities to learn new and better approaches to make sure that turn-times are met while enhancing the customer experience.We strive to customize aircraft interiors and make them luxurious and comfortable as per our client’s requirements and make sure that everything goes perfectly with you and your customer’s expectations. We aim to provide the best and expertise in aircraft interior designing so that you can get a sense of richness. Our high-quality material makes it look classy and stay longer so that you do not need to invest repeatedly. We specialize in the exception of luxury aircraft interiors designs for our exclusive clients. Our company has gained a reputation all over the country for its exceptional designs for airborne surroundings. We believe in combining experience and knowledge to develop a distinct design so that we can reflect our client’s vision and style. Our clientele relies upon us for the best and unique designs as we are working for them passionately. Autotrade always focuses on presenting our customer’s vision through creative ideas and unique aircraft interior designs. Our young talented designers understand that today’s world demands creativity and something new every day. Our only mission is to showcase AutoTrade Aviation Private Limited’s creativity, passion, unique ideas globally.





AutoTrade Interior Solution is specialized in providing luxurious interior stuff for cars, Buses, SUV, and MUV. We believe in fulfilling your expectations when it comes to cars and buses as we provide customizable or tailor-made interior design. We provide luxurious Cars and Buses seat covers, side panels, roof lining, luxurious carpet, sheep fur, seat belt, embroidery, cup holder, paint touch-up, veneer, laboratory, plating, step mat, and much more. Not only this we also provide services like exterior and interior cleaning, rubbing, buffing, polishing, and much more. Even we provide scratch less body cover so that your car always looks new and remain safe from scratches. Our all products are of fine quality and we constantly check our quality to ensure that our customers get the best. Our automotive experts patiently listen to our clients’ needs and aspirations and then design the interior, once our client approves it, we start working on them. Our Luxurious seat covers leathers directly come from Rome; thus, there is no doubt when we talk about the product quality. We make sure that the knowledge and quality both combine and produce the best for our clients. While buying a car, we all crave to make it the best as cars are considered a luxury and even the status symbol. We do not let go of our customers after designing the interior. However, the stuff we provide is of superior quality still we provide the best customer service so that whenever our customer faces any issue, we assist them in every way possible. Our sincerity, dedication make us the best Car and Bus interior designing company in India.